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A WikiWord is a word written in such a way as to create a link to a new wiki page.

A WikiWord is any word which contains at least two upper case letters, separated by at least one lower case letter.

This might sound a little clumsy, but the rule is quite easy to apply. It is also called StudlyCaps, CamelCase, BumpyCase? or TitleCase?.

Most wikis (including UseMod) have additional methods for creating links to new pages, such as wrapping text in double square brackets. E.g.: samplenonwikiword.

How do I write GetTempPath and not make it a linkie? Here WardsWiki's Slick SixTicks? trick don't tick.

Surround it with "nowiki" tags, like GetTempPath. (Edit this page to see the nowiki tags.) The UseMod wiki software also has an option to disable WikiWord links (allowing only bracketed links). --CliffordAdams

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