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I need to mention that after doing some research on wikis last week, I started setting up the usemod wiki on a webserver at our company (for internal use) a couple of days ago. I'm a webmaster, and one of my general design goals starting last year has been to make my sites validate to "XHTML 1.0 Strict" (or "XHTML 1.0 Transitional" at worst). So I'm noticing that usemod is significantly backversioned from XHTML, and needs the following:

Obviously there are other miscellaneous XHTMLization needs, but I think these address the bulk of what's needed. I've noticed on another page of this WikiSuggestions section some discussion about properly closing all "<p>" with "</p>", but the coding is clearly less than optimal. (I certainly realize that the reason for this is that patches are being made to an already operational program coded to previous standards, and the patching by regexing previously built strings is the easier way to go programming-wise as opposed to more efficient bottom-up rethinking/recoding which would be substantially more time-consuming.)

BUT - and please correct me if I'm wrong - the future of usemod must lie with a redesign/rewrite to the modern XTHML standard. Also, the perl will clearly run more efficiently if it's not running through strings two or times, regexing them repeatedly, to clean up markup, but instead is pumping out proper XHTML markup the first time. (Indeed, the data content variables should be cleanly separate from markup additions until final output, thus keeping the markup separate from the data, thus simplifying potential markup changes. But note that being new to usemod I don't have a good feel for how well these are currently separated, though I know that some is but I'm thinking it's not consistent.) Not so incidentally, this will also greatly enhance the ability to configure the look of any particular usemod implemenation, using CSS. (Todd Greene, 6/14/2006)

Question is, what is the benefit of XHTML over, say HTML 4.01 Transitional? Achieving the latter is a simple matter: add the DOCTYPE, apply the WikiPatches/ProperUriEscaping patch, add a few closing tags, reorder some form tags, and you're done. I did this to one of my wikis (http://apocalypse.rulez.org/kozos), and it validates just fine. (I'm using HTML Tidy for validation: http://tidy.sourceforge.net/)

On the other hand, XHTML would be a lot more work. Why do you need it? -- UngarPeter

XHTML and proper separation of markup and its styling could do wonders to UseModWiki, especially when it comes to making it look better, feeling leaner, etc. From a quick attempt at doing some of XHTMLization, the bulk of the issue is indeed in P tag. Maybe an approach similar to that of Markdown could be adopted? Or entire formatting engine ripped out and replaced with either Markdown or Textile? -- AndreiPopov

Development has stopped

Sounds like a good idea! Unfortunately, all development on Usemod has stopped and there are few chances it ever resumes.

If you are interested in working on a new version, go ahead. I can even provide you with a few patches we have worked on to throw in the code. Then make the code available for download from your site or from this site (check with Markus first).

Peter Ungar's hierarchy wiki patch is also very promising. It's a brilliant idea!

In fact, any initiative to move forward is welcome since, I am afraid, the Usemod Development Vehicle is not moving at all! -- DavidB

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