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Wiki-like database-frontend

For small databases, like typical address-lists.

A main page for the database, with one subpage for the database-layout (access maybe admin-only). This layout would be used to generate a form for input + edit.

Other sub-pages for the layout of different reports, eg. with only some of the fields.

On the main database-page are links for "add record" and the available reports. Everyone can create a new report, like any wiki-page. Such a report-layout need only contain the desired fieldnames. Calling a report shows first a form for entering search criteria, then the results.


Reports / Views:

The key should be a valid wiki-name, so we could have a new type of link, eg.

 Please call {Person=John_Smith $Name at $Phone1} for more info.
would yield
 Please call John Smith at 555-4321 for more info.


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