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Create weblog

A friend of mine has a MoinMoin Wiki set up as a weblog. He writes a separate page for each day's log, and has a main page that somehow knows to include the body of the N most recent pages.

That looks alot like my suggestion Import textfile into wiki, see above. --HaJoGurt

Not precisely; yours is about importing text from outside, mine is about displaying the text of an existing page in the middle of another page. -- WillDuquette
Extract selected pages, then re-import. Needs to be done only once a day.
Collecting N references each time someone views this page might be too slow. --HaJoGurt

I don't see any obvious way to do this in UseMod, but it would be a nice feature. Or, really, two features:

    1. Makes it clear that this is an included page.
    2. Allows you to jump to that page.

-- WillDuquette

The first of these is sometimes referred to as MeatBall:TransClusion.

WebLog? ability

The ability to embed a WebLog? on any page -- like PikiePikie? -- but with the name of each WebLogEntry? being in the same namespace as the rest of the wiki (see discussion at http://www.pikie.darktech.com/cgi/pikie?WebLog). Link is down September 2, 2002 (until it's back, use http://pikie.webbing.nl/cgi-bin/pikie.cgi?WebLog)

Discussion about implementing this in SnipSnap?: http://www.weblogkitchen.com/wiki.cgi?WikiLogs


I'd pretty like to see a TrackBack feature in UseMod, perhaps to set up as a user preference to editing. I never looked at the code, perhaps i should start looking at it ;)

-- MichaelBauer?

Solved it with a standalone cgi. Does anything i need at the moment.
cgi at http://www.unet.univie.ac.at/~a9900470/index.cgi?Code/Trackbackcgi
also wrote a patch to usemod to display autotrackback information: http://www.unet.univie.ac.at/~a9900470/index.cgi?Code/AutoTrackBackDiff
-- MichaelBauer?

[Technomanifestos] is a heavily worked on UseMod WikiLog?. See TmNetWiki

http://www.technomanifestos.com/index.pl?The_Network/Source for TmNetWiki download

Also see MeatBall:WikiLog, MeatBall:WikiBlog, AbbeNormal:WikiWeblogs

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