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It might be possible to interact with [the free customizable online editor HTMLArea] to replace the text editor with a WYSIWYG editor - at least for some clients.

-- DavidAndel

(db) Now (April 3rd 2007), this company does the editor: http://www.dynarch.com/comp/jump.mas?lid=1

Wow--that thing looks amazing! And, it looks like it's easy to customize the toolbar, so you could just include those formatting buttons which had an equivalent representation in the wiki. You could enable buttons for bold, italic, bullets, the normal wiki formatting stuff. Of course, when you saved it, you'd have an HTML page, and you'd have to parse that page to turn it into wikitext formatting before saving it. Kind of ironic, but probably not a big deal. And because the HTMLArea code is inserting the HTML, rather than a user typing it in directly, it will be much more consistent, and therefore easier to parse.

-- ChrisBurbridge

(Anonymous) Why doesn't someone do something about this? This has got to be a top request.

(db) We were waiting for you to do it! :-)

The return to next line problem

(db) I honestly never understood why in the world on a wiki, when we hit Return on a wiki, a Return is not made to the next line! This is a basic word processor rule as old as the world! Well as old as type writers and even before! As old as writing I would say!

What even beats me is that a few programmers believe this is a wiki convention and they program it in their wiki!

This silly convention makes life hard on everyone.

It's about time we fixed that bug!

Many headaches afterwards :-)

(db) We almost finally fixed that terrible return bug and now hitting a return gets us to the next line as it should be. Of course since fixing that bug created other bugs elsewhere as it always happens, we therefore had to fix all bugs elsewhere!

We still have to find a solution for the extra line that comes after a * bug caused by our fix.

That should be the last item. As soon as this is done, we'll be glad to post the patch.

This is I believe the only problem existing and now the Usemod editor is truly a WYSIWYG Editor.

That is the beauty of Usemod. So much extremely efficient work has been put in it -important issues and top priorities having been addressed one by one- that at the end of the day very little work needs to be done to make the Usemod engine even better.

In any case, if anyone believes that once the Return problem has been fixed, Usemod is still not a WYSIWYG editor, please let me know what is missing. I'd be curious to know!

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