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Suggestions relating to user preferences. See also /Login

user preference "show all changes''

If I select the user preference "show all changes", then I get no benefit from also selecting "use changes as link to history", since no "changes" field appears in my RecentChanges listing. I want to be able to click directly to the history page, even if I do have "show all changes" enabled. -- MeatBall:ScottMoonen

That sounds reasonable. I might make another option like "always show history link". This option could also work even if one doesn't select "show all changes"--it could show something like "(history)" (or maybe even "(new)" if this is the first revision). --CliffordAdams

24 hour time format

Please provide Preferences option to display time in 24-hour format

12-hour and am/pm is awfully anglo-centric. -- era

canonicalise $username

I've tweaked my login/save-pref funtion to canonicalize the user-supplied $username before testing for validity. Saves me dealing with users that don't realise they shouldn't spell their name with spaces between words.

I did something similar - see the patch I just posted WikiPatches/NoFreeLinkUserNames. -- DavidClaughton

Choice of Home Page on clicking logo

I'm new to wiki, like what I see and see enormous potential. So, I'd like to use a wiki as a subset of a site. Given that most people (?) associate clicking the logo with the home page would it be possible to have a configuration option to choose a home page "external" to the wiki? StephenHay

Required username

My experience is that only a fairly sophisticated user is every going to think to click on the Preferences link, and add their name in. This means that the history shows up lots of cryptic ISP host addresses, instead of people's names. I think it would be great if you could require a username. So, if the system did not receieve the username cookie, intercept the page save with a form asking for the user to insert their name before saving. -- ChrisBurbridge

I'd also love to see not only this but optionally have the password required as well. This would make running a private project oriented Wiki much easier. -- NickShaffner

I strongly agree, we need an option to make the username to mandatory, because the hostname is the one of the webserver, not the client one. We have a lot of anonymous changes. Thanks! ThomasBeck

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