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Synchonizing users on multiple wikis

Are there any particular precautions to be taken in order to keep the user database among multiple Wikis on a site in synch? Can I copy and/or merge users from one Wiki to other or will the identification mechanisms, e.g. in RecentChanges break? --DanielHernandez

I am assuming you mean the per-user preferences like the UserName?. Probably the best way would be to use a single shared directory for the user data of all of the wikis. One of the wikis would contain the real user directory, and the others would point to that directory. On some operating systems you could use symbolic links to share the "user" directory. Another solution is to edit the $UserDir setting to point to the shared directory. Also, to share cookies between the wiki sites the $CookieName? of all of the sites should be the same. (If you do not want to share the user information, the $CookieName? must be different.)

If you do this, everything should work normally. When the user sets the preferences for one wiki, they will be set for all of the wikis that share the directory. --CliffordAdams

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