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I would really like to have the following things included in UseModWiki (priority order):

1. Password protected areas: I have applications in mind like courses/lectures where I want to give assignments and don't like to let students mix 'em up...
2. Titles, perhaps HTML-style H1, H2 and H3; currently this Wiki style forces me to make style oriented markups!
This is already done, set "$UseHeadings=1" in the config-file. --HaJoGurt
3. Tables, perhaps CSV-style (';'-delimited) or HTML-style
For simple tables, see UseModWiki/Patches --HaJoGurt


The 0.90 release includes a few features for protected pages. It doesn't have per-page passwords, but it allows certain pages (or the whole wiki) to be locked, and for two levels of password-protected access. The two levels are "editors" and "administrators". If the whole wiki is locked (no editing allowed for most users), the "editors" can still edit. If a particular page is locked, only "administrators" can edit.

I also need an access level by which only specific users can access a specific class of pages at all, and others will be unaware of those pages. Protecting a top-level page with all its subpages is appropriate granutarity. -- HendrikBoom

I would currently recommend using a separate wiki for read-access control, and have access to that script protected by a .htaccess file (or other webserver mechanism). I don't currently plan to implement read-access control.

The editor/admin features are not currently (December 2000) well-documented, and they have not received as much testing as I would like. See http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/um9.pl?AdminFeatures for the initial documentation. I will try to move the documentation over to this wiki soon.

I just added a System-page here with all these commands. --HaJoGurt

Titles and tables will probably happen "soon" (for some undefined value of "soon" :-). Right now I'm leaning toward the MoinMoin syntax for titles, as in MoinMoin:HelpOnHeadlines, and considering their syntax for tables at MoinMoin:HelpOnTables. --CliffordAdams

I wrote something for simple tables. See UseModWiki/Patches --HaJoGurt

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