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A spelling checker would be great. --ErikVanOosten

Here is a diff for a spell checker written specifically for WIKI. It handles WIKI mark-up and most HTML, including checking individual words within a WikiWord. You can download the diff from http://stonehengeirc.dyndns.org/stonehenge.diff You must have Aspell installed on your system, as well as the perl module Text:Aspell. You can either use the default dictionary (user selectable American, British, and Canadian spellings), or change 1 flag and let the system scan all your dictionaries and let the use choose (useful if you have added multiple languages to your WIKI beyond English). Discussion for this is on http://stonehengeirc.dyndns.org/cgi-bin/stonehengewiki.cgi?SpellChecker The cgi-bin is just cause of history, its running under mod_perl now actually. -- EvanLanglois

Check out http://www.spellchecker.net for a free spell checker than can easily be integrated into UseMod. Mine appears as a Spell Check button next to the Save button the Edit page. It works very well and also will check grammer and has a personal dictionary. There are numerous options for various server platforms and programming languages. -- EdGray

I just looked at spellchecker.net, and its not only commercial, but I had to keep looking back up to the top of the page for context and then back down to the word. Please check out http://stonehengeirc.dyndns.org/cgi-bin/stonehengewiki.cgi?SpellChecker I've finally got the remaining bugs kicked out (I hope). This page details the spellchecker, the SandBox is a SubPage. Since this is a P166 with only 32MB of RAM, long pages can be annoyingly slow to spellcheck. If anyone wants to see if they can speed it up, the code is open. Edit a page as normal, you'll see a new "SpellCheck?" button. Try it! -- EvanLanglois

Where is this patch? The referenced web site is refusing connections. Does someone else have a copy? -- Trent

I pulled one off the MeatBall:WebArchive dated December 10, 2002 and placed it at http://sunir.org/usemod/WikiSuggestions/SpellingChecker/EvanLanglois.diff -- SunirShah

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