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Permanent Revision History

For wikis devoted to technical discussion, it can be beneficial to have permanent KeepDays?. I've often found it very handy that my CVS for code I've written is completely unpruned; it does happen that I want something that was discussed or written five years back, and then deleted or ignored until the present.

So I can set KeepDays? to a big giant number, but I'd rather have a configuration option that just meant "forever".

It's way way easier to just set KeepDays? to = 365 * 100.

I'd recommend that UseModWiki allow a KeepDays? value of 0 to indicate "never perform expiration" (if it doesn't already). -- ScottMoonen?

Your suggestion is implemented at WikiPatches/PermanentRevisionHistory. -- JoshJore?

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