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Like, _underscored_, /italics/, *bold*, and maybe |tt or code|

same discussion under WikiSuggestions/Html

I hope I haven't missed previous discussion about this. I don't know the wiki code well enough to know the issues, but, to me typing html tags for italics slows down writing enough to be annoying, especially in comparison with other wiki markup.

Right now you can use the old wiki-style single-quote markup like this:

''This is italic'' (displayed as This is italic)
'''This is bold''' (displayed as This is bold)
and even '''''This is italic and bold''''' (displayed as This is italic and bold)

In general this works well, although sometimes it can be confusing if you try to do things like multiple overlapping regions of italic/bold text. (In that case, you should use the <b> and <i> tags.)

If you know a bit of Perl, the $EarlyRules and $LateRules settings can be used to add more markup rules to the wiki without patching the code. (You can change these settings in the config file.) Some of the Mozilla-style markup would conflict with existing wiki rules (/ for subpages and * for lists (at the beginning of a line)), so I am unlikely to add it to the official distribution. --CliffordAdams

Thanks; here's a start:
$EarlyRules = '$text =~ s|([^\w<])/([^/]+)/(\W)|$1<i>$2</i>$3|g; $text =~ s|([^\w*])\*(\w[\w ]*[\w])\*(\W)|$1<b>$2</b>$3|g; $text =~ s|(\W)_([^_]+)_(\W)|$1<u>$2</u>$3|g;';
No doubt it's too simplistic but, it does avoid list definition and Sub/Page stuff at least.
-- JeffDonner

I really like the email markup style. I've used it for years in email. However, I wonder, is there an equivalent for <tt> and/or <code>? I was considering making use of something like `backtick` or `backforwardticks'. But if there is already a common standard used in GUI based email/news clients, I'd use those. -- MikeCastle

Well, it looks unimplemented but |code| was suggested in mozilla. See http://www.mozilla.org/quality/mailnews/tests/mn-html-to-txt.txt and http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16507
I don't think it'd work well given C's '|' though.
-- JeffDonner

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