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miscellaneous suggestions
How about some option for the "Subject:" Header of Emails?
What I mean is some prefix added to every Subject of Emails you get form the Wiki for easy filtering of Wiki Mails, an editable Variable would be best imho
example "Subject: [UseMod-Wiki] Acutal subject goes here"
I think a Wiki:SisterSites (MeatBall:TwinPages) option would be great -- BayleShanks

Personally, I do not think that option is very useful. I think that the Wiki:SisterSites links are a poor substitute for easy explicit InterWiki links. I am not planning to add this as a feature, but perhaps someone else will write a patch to add it. --CliffordAdams

InterWiki links should certainly be used when the linker is actually refering to a specific page on some other Wiki; but i think SisterSites seem neat in an MeatBall:AccidentalLinking kind of way. maybe i'll write a patch in the distant future (if i ever have time to do anything at all, of course) -- BayleShanks

How about easy-to-add plugin support? -- whoami

This is not likely to happen (at least by the time 1.0 is released). I prefer to add optional features into the script, even if they are initially turned off (like the email and embedded options). Simplicity of use for most users is more important to me than opening up the wiki for plugin development. If you need plugins, other wikis (like TWiki or MoinMoin) may work better for you. --CliffordAdams

When you click on the title of a page to search for BackLinks?, it would be cool if the search also searched for backlinks of any page that was #REDIRECTed to the current page. Currently, it is still sort of necessary to choose a single canonical name for a page and refer to it by that name when possible in order for backlinks to work. This wouldn't be the case if this feature were implemented; a page and it's redirects would become more like synonyms. You could do it by just recursing whenever you found a page starting with #REDIRECT currentpage. -- BayleShanks

The "INSTALL" document says "create the data subdirectory" (or similar). It took me several minutes to figure out that I could name it whatever I felt like. A few extra words like "(name it whatever you like)" would have saved some confusion. -- David Wolff

I'd like to see a standard "TextFormattingRules" page included with the download. For people who are not familiar with wikis, or with the formatting rules for this particular wiki, it's one of the most important pages I can include... and for now I have to s/t/e/a/l/ borrow the one from usemod.com and edit out what's not relevant. -- David Wolff

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