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Chroma Coding of changed topics

Would like to see chroma coding when display each WikiWord:

That is a nice idea, but it would require far too much processing for even moderately-large sites. (Small sites shouldn't need this feature.) Perhaps someone else will code this idea, however --CliffordAdams

For a number of these "formatting" suggestions I believe it should be done "out of wiki" by wiki providing a means of specifiying classes from the cascading style sheet that apply to specified text (cf div and span tags).

Also as well as a global style sheet I'd like to be able to specify an additional style sheet per page (and image and link for that image). Any suggestions? This allows me to have a greater tree structure, viz organisation -> division -> team with separate look and "home".

Enhancements / Colors

Like italic and bold, it would be nice to also have red / green / blue / small / big as enhancements.

I wrote a simple patch for this, see UseModWiki/Patches --HaJoGurt

<tt> html tags

support use of <tt> instead of <code>

Unlike <i> and <b> which are physical styles, <code> is a logical style. <code> has a specific meaning of inline program code. Yet wiki users will often use it for other things-- to them it is synonymous for "monospaced font". <tt> is more appropriate for this use, on top if being easier to type. (See http://archive.ncsa.uiuc.edu/General/Internet/WWW/HTMLPrimerAll.html.)

A simple way to do tables

A simple way to do tables would be nice. I often want to do a simple table. fixed number of columns, column headings... What would normally be a lot of table, tr, and td tags in HTML. A way to do this in wiki would be cool. Maybe vertical bars to delimit cells within a row? See UseModWiki/Patches.

centered text

I would like to see centered text, for pictures and picture subtitles. Suggested token: a matching number (say: three?) of leading and trailing ':' like in

   ::: centered text here :::

== alternative bold/underline/emphasis/strong

Could we have stars like *this* as a shortcut for emphasis? This seems to be a de-facto rule in emails.

Also _this_ for underlines.

Not quite. _xxxx_ is used in text-only e-mails as a replacement for italics, not for underlining. Well, some think that. Others think that /this/ would be italic, and _that_ would be underlines. Don't forget too that <em> in html is usually rendered as italics ... <strong> is usually rendered as bold.

yes - definitely! do!

using *this* for bold or emphasis is slightly problematic -- what to do if you want to start a line with a word with that formatting ... without turning that line into a bullet point!

You can distinguish them by leaving a space after bullets, and not, with *emphasis*. - see the 'patch' in WikiSuggestions/MozillaMailStyleMarkup

WikiWithCascadingStyleSheet support for classes in the tags generated.

Alt tags for images

It would be great if typing [http://foo.com/bar.gif foo bar] would produce an image with an alt tag that said "foo bar". As it stands, you can't add alt tags, which may pose a problem if you're looking at the site with a text-only browser like Lynx.

Better HTML formatting

The Preferences screen is a mess and so there are other parts of the Wiki. I recommend tables be used to organize things better. A totally template driven UseModWiki would be the best, but in the mean time...

This probably won't happen. Sorry for the mess. --CliffordAdams

Choice of Background color

A way to change the background color to something other than white. Is there a way already?

There isn't an official option, but I tried to make it easy to modify the script. Look for the line of code that reads $bgcolor = 'white'; # Later make an option in the subroutine GetHtmlHeader. This is the only place you should need to change the code. --CliffordAdams

Allowing html and javascript

Would it be hard to allow usage of HTML and Javascript using some special start and end tags? This way I could create simple forms and use simple javascript functions in my pages. I know that this is not in the spirit of wikis (simple and quick) but it would allow more dynamic pages which still are easy to edit. -- MathiasDahl

See HtmlTags for the existing capabilities of the script. In short, you can set $RawHtml to 1, and then use <html> ... </html> to wrap any raw HTML. (The text inside the "html" tag is passed through to the browser without escaping.) Make sure you read the warnings on MeatBall:RawHtmlWiki for public sites. --CliffordAdams

I'd like to use HTML as well. However, I read the warnings and thought there were some very valid points there. Is there any way to restrict HTML usage to admins and/or editors? --Reeve

There is no way to restrict HTML usage to just admins and/or editors (unless you restrict all editing to admins and editors). This is unlikely to change in future releases. --CliffordAdams

Extending Ordered Lists

A feature that I have just implemented in a copy of UseMod, is the ability to continue ordered list numbering. This allows the user to insert additional text (say, preformatted / monospaced) in between list items, yet continue the list numbering afterwards.

Formatting rules I have adopted are:

 #1 <usual text...> or
 #1. <usual text...> or
 # 1 <usual text...> or
 # 1. <usual text...>.

The following:

 # List item 1
 # List item 2
  Extra Note
 #3. List item 3

...would produce...

1. List item 1
2. List item 2

 Extra Note
3. List item 3

Code Mod Required Simply add the following code to sub WikiLinesToHtml:

  } elsif (s/^(#+)([ 	]*([0-9]+).?)/<li value="$3">/) {
    $code = "OL";
    $depth = length $1;

This still allows the usual nested indenting to work too! -- Chris Usher

The code needs to be added before the line

} elsif (s/^(#+)/<li>/) {
to have an effect

This is quite useful - just wish it calculated the restart number automatically! -- BrianHunter

The difficulty in calculating the restart number is in determining whether the user wishes to start a new list or continue with the existing list. I suppose a simple way to do this would be to use hashes followed by a dot or dash as a continuation notifier, i.e. one of the following:


-- Chris Usher

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