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Suppose I've got a wiki on an intranet workgroup. The group does notices and announcements and scheduled events calendar updates on wiki pages. On the corporate intranet site, there's a "What's Happening" page with an IFRAME that calls src=cig-bin/wiki.pl?EventsCalendar. The "between the header and footer" wiki page gets parsed, HTMLified, and shipped to the IFRAME for display. No HTML editor for newbies to learn, no FTP to figure out, no publishing software, no IT dept hoops to jump through, etc. I suspect the functionality is already there -- I only have to study hard to figure out how to grab it. -- JerryMuelver

I've now got a mod that extracts just the page stuff -- no header or footer -- as a standalone HTML page. That works slick for FRAME and IFRAME. Now I'd like to have the CGI output come as a JavaScript, with each HTML line wrapped in document.write("..."), so I could call the page from a script tag and have the HTML inserted into the calling page. That way I'd be able to pick up the parent page's CSS and background formatting. I seem to be running into a MIME or "Content-type:" problem, though. -- JerryMuelver

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