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It would also be good to have a way to have the edit button appear at the top of the page. --MatthewSimpson
It's been discussed elsewhere (possibly on Meatball, possibly on Ward's Wiki) that having to find the edit link makes contributors think before editing, and new readers tend to not even realise it exists. Wiki is only deceptively simple: it requires an effort on the part of the contributor. It's part of WhyWikiWorks?.

(db) This is totally silly! It's like saying that the baker hides his bread in the bakery to make customers think, that teachers hide stuff in their classroom to make kids think, that architects hide staircases so that pedestrians think! Like a car manufacturer hiding the brakes to make users think! How dare you utter such silliness! This is precisely part of WhyWikiDoesNotWork?! When your design is flawed, when you get too complicated (for no reason), you don't make people think: you enrage them, you make them mad, you complicate their life and they'll leave your wiki as soon as they entered, shouting: to hell with this wiki shit! Ya, go tell them that you made them think. Come on guys, get real! And stop pretending that a major design flaw is an asset. It is not. Far from it! A major design flaw is like it says: a flaw. And it will remain a flaw until it is getting fixed. As simple as that!

It could be an option - some wikis are private and require no subtlety. It would certainly be useful for long pages. -- JeffDonner

I second that question above (the one about adding an "edit" link to to the top). On large pages, it would be a real usability-enhancer. I am sure it is an easy patch, but my perl skills end at cutting and pasting. I can figure out where, but not what. Help? --Brad Rourke

Is it possible to put a "Edit text of this page"-link in the top of the Wiki so you don't have to scroll down a long page to find the link to edit it? -- Mattias

Your prayers have been heard, Faithful!

---> See WikiPatches/EditFromTop

(db) Gone are the days when we'll scoll down a page for 2 minutes before getting to that damn edit button located on the very bottom of the page!

Thanks to all the contributors who provided a patch!

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