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Email subscription to individual pages

I don't believe this feature is listed above; the intent is to allow people "watching" an active page to be notified of changes regardless of whether the person editing it clicks the "email changes" button (or even thinks to do so). It might also be useful to choose between "subscribe to major changes only" versus "subscribe to all changes". If I blew it and this already exists, then nicely flame me at paul_wagner@csgsystems.com with instructions on how to do this, and I'll remove this. -- PaulWagner?

This feature doesn't exist (yet?). In fact, you can't even currently "watch" individual pages--the notification is sent whenever anyone checks the "email changes" box for any page. --CliffordAdams

I second Paul's request. In fact, it's the only additional UseMod feature I wish for -- everything else about UseMod serves my needs perfectly. -- DanMuller

I third the request. . . it could be further enhanced with users (and admins) choosing to receive a summary email that has links to the pages changed in the last day. --MonstoBrukes?

It might be nice to have a digest feature, so that whenever any number of changes happened to a wiki, it would email out one mail that would point users back to the changes. This way, the user would be sure to be reminded about the wiki's existence, but would not be deluged with multiple emails (I suppose this would involve setting up a cron job). This is more relevant for someone (like me) just starting a couple of wikis, and trying to encourage the people involved to remember that the wiki exists, and that they can use it. --ChrisBurbridge

I also would like to vote for such an option (and the other sub-proposals above) EmailSubscriptionToCertainPages? or PageWatch? .. TomGries 23.01.2004

Just to see how other wiki's implement this, does anyone know of other wiki's that do a good job of this?

I know that [MediaWiki] doesn't support this and the reason they give is that it would be unreasonable to send thousands of emails every second as it is geared towards a large number of users. I have set up [phpwiki] to do email notification but it a hack and not supported natively. I believe [twiki] has native email support, not sure how it handles it.

[MoinMoin] supports this feature, and does a good job. --JohnMcDonnell?

Email would be nice, one feature that I would like to see even more is a automatic table of contents, mediawiki does this very well. How about adminstrative privileges with a lock-down capability? --[John]

For the page-level subscriptions, you could probably modify something like WikiPatches/PrivateUserGroups and create a notifications subpage which would be used for e-mails. However, this doesn't really work when new pages are created. An alternative way would be to maybe use something like categories. When a page is changed that has a category keyword, then retrieve the category mailing list. Unfortunately, my use of Perl is not up to the task. [JamesHodge?]

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