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Suggestions to do with extracting metrics or other value from the large morass of pages.

Most Popular page

The newest version of phpwiki has a admin function that generates the list of top visited pages. I guess they add to a count each time a link is clicked on. I like this feature as a way of seeing popular topics on the wiki. -- SuperLinux

See MeatBall:HitCounts for a script that does this for UseModWiki.

Wanted Pages

I added a WantedPages? page [1] to Project Mosaic [2]. It's modelled after PrintLinkList and MeatBall:WantedPages. It's not the most efficient but it works. It goes a little something like this:

sub DoWanted {
  my ($page, $pagelines, $links, $editlink);
  my ($link, %links, %pgExists);

  %pgExists = ();
  %links = ();
  $editlink = &GetParam("editlink", 1);

  foreach $page (&AllPagesList()) {
    $pgExists{$page} = 1;

  foreach $pagelines (&GetFullLinkList) {
      foreach $page (split(' ', $pagelines)) {
          unless ($page =~ /\:/ || $pgExists{$page}) {  # wrong type of link or link exists

  foreach $page (sort { $links{$b} <=> $links{$a} }  keys %links) {
      $link = $page;
      if ($editlink) {
          $link .= &GetEditLink($page, "?");
      print $link, " (", &ScriptLink("search=$page", $links{$page}), ") <BR>";

I copied the RecentChanges setup and made it a page, but you could just make it an action if you wanted. --DanKeshet

Listing subpages

Other than the generic search function (which can return many other hits), there isn't a specific mechanism for listing the sub-pages for any given page. Would be handy to have a wikimarkuptag which would insert the list of sub-pages, or at least have a link on the toolbar to list sub-pages.

See WikiPatches/GetSubpages and WikiPatches/EmbeddedSubpageList. --JuanmaMP

Showing Number Of Links

Don't know if this has been suggested, but i think it would be extremely useful if the "action=index" function could show me for a particular page, how many other pages have linked to it. For example, it could return:

I think that this would help me determine at a glance which pages have been completely abandoned, and need to be deleted. -- Duke33?

As an addition to this idea, what about the possibility of listing all the Backlinks to the current page? For example, if we were on the current page, DataMining?, then we could have a wiki link like BackLinks? or a symbol of some sort that when clicked would present a page with a list of all the pages that contain links to this page. The idea is implemented in Note Studio, and I was just wondering if this is a common wiki feature, or if it is generally limited to that implementation? If not common and already implemented, what would it take to get it working? -- WillStufflebeam

This link already exists. Click on the page name. --MarkusLude
You're right. Still, one more step would be under indexing schemes. (See MeatBall:IndexingScheme#Graphs_Graphes and [AllPagesFrom], [AllPagesTo] in advance. --JuanmaMP

Timeline History

I'd like a timeline history of wiki accretion. Ours started grew slowly, then explosively, now changes at a slow but constant rate. At least I think it does. You'd need the WikiSuggestions/PermanentRevisionHistory patch.

Anyone done this?

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