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Name Spaces

Are there any plans to implement namespaces, like on Wikipedia?

Users could then have different access levels for different namespaces.

Would it be as simple as allowing the ":" character is page names & then a little bit of processing of links so links remain in the same namespace unless one is specified? ie:

-- Tarquin

Page Subtitles

As I get more into the power of Categories, I begin to see ways to use them more wikilike and less weblike.

For instance, I think I can do away with TOCs and subTOCS on http://allmyfaqs.com when i can fully implement an intelligent system of categories. One aid to that implementation would be a subtitling function for search calls, so that a search would return the page title plus a descriptive subtitle to help sort out what's what, much as RecentChanges shows the Summary entry. I think just showing the first line of the page would help. I would adopt a convention of making the first line on each page descriptive. Another possibility would be to show a specially tagged line, for instance the first comment line in the text:

 <!Usage and interface ideas, with discussions and resolutions ->

Then such comments could be parsed and hidden from display in nonwiki fetches if desired, or compiled for search engine access, or somesuch. -- JerryMuelver

Page Passwords

Allow page-locking option based on assigned passwords --


Admin and Editor could edit/unlock page, along with anyone who had the password. Un-wiki in philosophy, I know, but useful in intranet settings, teaching/training functions, info sites like citywikis with upcoming event info (times, ticket prices), other semi-touchy stuff. -- JerryMuelver

Shatter facets

Another possibility for creating namespaces is "shatter facets". They create very weak namespaces entwined with Wiki:WikiCategories, and I'm not sure how to describe them succinctly. I've had a shot at [ShatterFacetWiki], and the site that page is on is my shot at making a Wiki with shatter facets.

I've had a crack at adding Shatter facets to UseModWiki, see WikiPatches/PeriPerify. If anyone's interested in a more concerted (or experienced) effort, here's the place to discuss it :)

-- KritTer

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