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sitcnaeltco I run a wiki site on my home (128kbit/s) adsl server.

It is quite busy - sometimes 1000 hits a day. But only a couple of changes a week.

To conserve bandwidth I'd like to see UseMod to take advantage of the browser caching mechanism. When a page first i served a unique key is sent along to the browser in the "ETag" header.

Later when the browser requests that page again it will send the ETag back. If the server still has the same ETag it will not send the entire page again. Instead it will send a 304 not modified response and the browser will show the page from its internal cache.

For a site like this would be a great speed booster.

My cpu is plenty fast, so I think the level of acceptable calculations to find out if the ETag is still the same could be quite high. But a quick and dirty implementation would just look at the timestamp for the last edit of that paticular page.

Let me hear what you think


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