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This might sound a little weird but if pages are listed differently in the Index than on the mother group page, then the user could be lost.

A solution to this would be to only list group headers on the Index and no sub pages at all.

Let me give you an example.

You have a page called [Mountains of the world]?. It is a group page, a mother page if you will.

You write an outline on the [Mountains of the world page]?.

Something like:

'The mountains of North Africa.

[/The Atlas Mountains]?

'''The mountains of North America

[/The Adirondacks]?

Sub-pages will be listed alphabetically when on the mother page they are regrouped by continent. Weird!

The solution is simply to list mother pages on the index (and no sub-pages) so that the reader is not lost.

Is this patch easy to do?

-- DavidB

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