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Dos/Unix? line termination

I'm sorry, I don't know where to ask this question. When I edit a page on my usemod based Wiki in Mozilla, then in Emacs/W3, I note that all the endlines have the ^M ending symptomatic of Dos/style line termination. Is this usemod's fault, or Mozilla? Can I fix this? Thanks. --AlainPicard? (mailto:alain.picard@memetrics.com)

I think it's actually a bug in W3. Typically, network protocols
specify that you "should" use <cr><lf> as the line terminator, but of course, a lot of Unix applications use just <lf>, and (now I'm speculating here) presumably the Emacs/W3 guys simply never thought much of this. But if Wiki could use just line feeds instead of CRLF:s, I think no clients would have any problem with that, either. And the change should be technically very very simple. -- era

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