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User additions to Goto Bar (implemented)

Another small change, that I am already using, is additional text in the GotoBar. I use this to link to a site map and search page (listing all options for searching).

This is very easy to implement as a config option:

$UserGotoBar = " | <em>HTML for adding to search bar</em>";

and then at the end of GetGotoBar:

if ($UserGotoBar ne "") {
   $bartext .= $UserGotoBar;
$bartext .= "<br>\n";
return $bartext;

The only problem I have encountered, is that if the $UserGotoBar is changed, then you have to remove the HTML cache of pages to see the effect - same as any other code hacks really I guess.


This feature is now in the 0.92 release. --CliffordAdams

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