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[Note that $ThinLine is set to 0 by default, and the changes below only occur if $ThinLine is set to 1.]

The 1.0 code has a setting "$OldThinLine?", which is set to 0 by default. If it is set to 1, the old header-conflicting syntax is used (four '=' characters for a thick line). The default 0 setting makes 6 '-' characters become a thick line. --CliffordAdams

Conflict between Options $ThinLine and $UseHeadings

When both options are active, "==== Subtitle ====" gets formatted as "<HR>", not as a header "<H4>Subtitle</H4>". Patch:
sub CommonMarkup {
    if ($ThinLine) {
      s/----+/<hr noshade size=1>/g;
##!!  s/====+/<hr noshade size=2>/g;    # collides with H4 !!
    } else {


  s/^\s*====+\s*$/<hr noshade size=2>/gmx;
can be used instead. As long as you do not expect
to create a level 4 heading, everything should be fine. --Ken

I'd line to see something where when the first n characters of the line are hyphens (minuses) a line is created, the line is thicker the more hyphens are created. --- See ThinLine, note it also seems to me to be a bug (or not the Wiki:WikiWay) to have a line created when four hyphens are encountered anywhere in a line, as exampled here.

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