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This patch will ban the IP address of anyone loading it. See MeatBall:SelfBan for a discussion. /OpenProxy depends on this.

WARNING: It's important to set the $SelfBan? parameter to something unique and secret.

First, add $SelfBan? to the configuration variables list at the top of the file.

Add the following two lines to DoOtherRequest.

    } elsif( $action eq $SelfBan ) {

Add the following function

sub DoSelfBan {
  print "Content-type: text/plain\n\n";
  print "Congratulations, you have banned your own IP!";

  my $banlist = ReadFile("$DataDir/banlist");
  my $date = &TimeToText($Now);

  $banlist .= "# self-ban on $date\n^$ENV{REMOTE_ADDR}\n\n";

  WriteStringToFile("$DataDir/banlist", $banlist );

-- SunirShah

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