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This is a very simple patch. I wanted to allow FreeLinks generally on my Wiki, but to disallow people to use them as user names.

(This means when people sign their comments they are more likely to end up with a link to their personal page, as they don't have to remember to use the [[name]] syntax.)

1. Add the new variable $FreeUserNames to the Configuration 'use vars' list.

2. Add the following line to the end of the 'Major options' section and optionally to the config file:

$FreeUserNames = 0; 		# 1 = spaces in username, 0 = LinkPattern only

3. In function DoUpdatePrefs, change every occurrence of $FreeLinks to $FreeUserNames. There are three of these - one on the line after GetParam("p_username, "") and two in the elsif statements below this line.

4. Optionally - change the text in DoEditPrefs on the line after GetFormText("username", ...) to something closer to what you're expecting. e.g. Mine reads 'use FirstnameLastname with no spaces'.


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