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Especially new users who are not already familiar with the wiki-syntax might find it helpful in the early days. Could be expanded to be an option in the preferences, defaulting to "on", to be turned off when not needed anymore.

Add the following code in "sub DoEdit" near the end of the sub before the lines:

 print "<hr class=wikilinefooter>\n";
 if ($preview) {

As an alternative you could set the HTML code in $EditNote? in the config file. --MarkusLude

Indeed I've missed that config var, but still


  print <<MINIHELP;
<hr><b>mini-help:</b> Wiki is line-oriented
<table border=1>
    <td colspan=2>the enclosing single-quotes must be anywhere <b>on same line</b></td> </tr>
<tr><th>---- </th><td>horizontal rule</td><th>empty line</th><td>new paragraph</td>
    <th colspan=2><pre>txt</pre></th><td colspan=2>preformatted multi-line, not-wiki'ed</td></tr>
<tr><td colspan=6>The 1st column matters, <b>only</b>! Repeat 1st-column token to increase level.</td></tr>
<tr><th># txt</th><td>numbered list</td><th>* txt</th><td>dotted list</td><th>: txt</th><td>indent</td>
    <th>;txt1:txt2</th><td>txt1 label, txt2 its definition</td></tr>
<tr><th>= txt =</th><td>heading</td><th>||txt1||...txt2||</th><td>table</td>
    <th>_txt</th><td colspan=3>"_" is blank: preformatted, only this line and txt is wiki'ed</td></tr>

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