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On some of my wikis people often refer to UNIX manual pages. The natural way to refer to manual pages is page(section), e.g. ls(1). This patch recognizes these and turns them into a hyperlink to the NetBSD? manual pages available on the web.

The full syntax recognized is: page(section.arch/collection)

The link is always displayed as: page(section)

The different parts are:

the name of the manual page
the manual section the page is in
the architecture to use for architecture-specific pages, e.g. alpha or i386
the page collection to search, e.g. NetBSD?-current or RedHat-7.0

The available collections depend on the server pointed to, as do the available architectures. The default server in the patch mainly serves NetBSD? manual pages.

Patch available here: ftp://ftp.gw.com/pub/people/kim/patches/usemod/manpage-links.diff

-- KimmoSuominen

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