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Adds a markup tag $$$ that shows the Current UserName? and links to UserName? Page

Code Add the following to CommonMarkup (after the pre and code entries)

 s/\<hide\>((.|\n)*?)\<\/hide\>/&StorePre("", "hide")/ige;
 Please note the bug i.e. < instead of \& lt; Copy line from the edit window
 and paste to use.


For adding information that is useful to note during the editing process, but not useful when the page is being viewed.


        Please try and follow the bullet-point structure below
        and since you are here, why don't you help refactor


It would be nice contents under hide tag, they can be in order not to be unreached from searching. --JuanmaMP

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Last edited July 16, 2011 11:04 am by JuanmaMP (diff)