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Embedded Perl Code

Short description

This will allow any editor (means anyone for unprotected Wikis) to insert Perl code into Wiki sites. You simply place <perl>-tags into your page and write a nameless sub inside them. UseMod then replaces the tag bit with the return value of the code reference.



  sub {

    return "\n= Hello world! =\n";


will give a "Hello world!"-heading 1 as the output is parsed in the usual way (almost) by UseMod. This is highly dangerous!!! Unless the wiki is protected and public to a very limited set of persons of high trust I would not recommend applying this patch.

How to apply

After line 1574:

  my ($pageText) = @_;


  my ($PerlCode?, $ReturnValue?);

and after line 1590:

  $pageText = &RemoveFS?($pageText);


    # To be able to EMBED PERL CODE...
  if ( $AllowEval? ) {
    while ( $pageText =~ m!<perl>((.|\n)*?)</perl>!mig ) {
        $PerlCode? = eval( $1 );
        $ReturnValue? = &{$PerlCode?}() if ( ref $PerlCode? );
        $pageText =~

You have to change

  use strict;


  use strict 'vars';

and you will like to insert $AllowEval? into the list of variables declared at the top of UseMod.

After that, you can put $AllowEval? into your config file and set it to 1. Happy coding ;) --Udo GŁngerich, 2005-08-22

This patch can be useful even for public wikis. You can combine with this other patch [Banned Content], including "<perl>" and "</perl>" as banned text (if user is not admin). --JuanmaMP (2009.12.15)

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