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Not really a whole patch but an idea:

in the wiki.pl config part at

#$NewText     = "
where you define the text for a non-existing page, if you put something like:

$NewText     = "In this Wiki nobody has written about $ENV{\"QUERY_STRING\"} yet.\n
                A few auto-created search links: \n \n Google:$ENV{\"QUERY_STRING\"} \n
                Dictionary:$ENV{\"QUERY_STRING\"} Just click 'Edit text of this page' below.";
in it, you will always have working links on every single page,no matter which URL somebody opens.

Its helpful for making people edit the (non-existant) page, because they have google (or other) search results only a click away.

Also you can add more links to your neighbor wikis from InterMap file. So if you cant provide a certain page somebody looks for he doesnt end up in a dead end ,but can surf on to the same topic in other wikis.

--mutante of [S23]

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