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Automatically turn e-mail adresses into mailto: links.

Checked for UseMod 1.0

Add this code:

s/([A-z0-9-_]+(?:\.[A-z0-9-_]+)*\@[A-z0-9-_]+(?:\.[A-z0-9-_]+)*(?:\.[A-z]{2,})+)/<a href="mailto:$1">$1<\/a>/g;

right before the closing bracket of the first if in CommonMarkup to automatically turn e-mail addresses like <brad@ltc.com> into mailto: links.

This is a small modification to make the feature configurable:

Add the new variable $AutoMailto? into # Configuration/constant variables.

Add this line into # Minor options:

$AutoMailto = 1;        # converts e-mails in format name@host into mailto: hyperlinks

Change the line of the original patch above to this one:

if ($AutoMailto) {
   s/([A-z0-9-_]+(?:\.[A-z0-9-_]+)*\@[A-z0-9-_]+(?:\.[A-z0-9-_]+)*(?:\.[A-z]{2,})+)/<a href="mailto:$1">$1<\/a>/g;

To allow e-mail addresses to be wrapped (particularly useful in tables with long addresses), change to:
s/([A-z0-9-_]+(?:\.[A-z0-9-_]+)*)\@([A-z0-9-_]+(?:\.[A-z0-9-_]+)*(?:\.[A-z]{2,})+)/<a href="mailto:$1\@$2">$1 @ $2<\/a>/g;

Contributors: <brad@ltc.com>, FerdinandPrantl, DavidAndel
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