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GotoBar allows HTML added to end of goto bar (/UserAdditionsToGotoBar but now in core code as an option, $UserGotoBar), also can be added HTML at the bottom of every page ($Footernote), also you can add a HTML notice beside the search field (see WikiPatches/SearchNote) and also you could set the HTML code in $EditNote, useful at the bottom of textarea when you are editing.

This Patch adds a HTML notice beside the GetAdminBar?, (see: WikiPatches/GetAdminBar) for convenience of admin, whatever.

Define a new global variable:

use vars qw($AdminNote);

Configuration of this variable:

$AdminNote  = ""; # HTML notice beside the admin bar

Locate the sub GetAdminBar

sub GetAdminBar {
    $result .= " | " . &ScriptLink("action=editlock&set=1", T("Lock site"));
+ $result .= $AdminNote;
  return $result;

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