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This page was an old version of the homepage. Url's removed or modified January 16, 2000

WikiFour is the fourth testing generation (0.4) of the UseModWiki. Thanks to Marcus Denker for his work on AtisWiki which made this much easier.

Comments are welcome on WikiFourComments?, or by mail at mailto:usemod@usemod.com

Visitors can sign RecentVisitors, and make their own pages. Visitors who just want to play can do so in the SandBox.

See RecentChanges and ChangeSummary?. Click the page title to do a backlinks search. Click the logo to return home. See WikiFormat and LinkPattern for some examples of the formatting rules.

Major changes from other wikis:

Other changes include:

Todo in the next few versions:

Todo before release:

See JugglingProgress for some original wiki content.

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