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Fixed in 1.0.1 --MarkusLude

Already mentioned on /UploadOnWindowsNeedsBinmode and /FileUploadManglesFile

Robin Rowe rower@movieeditor.com Dec 8, 2004

BUG: Uploading binaries (e.g., a JPEG file) results in garbage if serving wiki.pl from Windows.

EXPLANATION: Because Windows defaults to text mode instead of binary mode on file open, there should be a call to binmode before uploading binary files.

SOLUTION: On line 4932 of wiki.pl is a call to open(UPLOADFILE). The next line should be:


This fix is so trivial to cut-and-paste that I'm not bothering with a patch. Shouldn't break anything on unix platforms (where binmode is the default).

This bug has been previously reported. See /FileUploadManglesFile.

-- RichardP

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