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Page Stuck in the wiki cache

In an attempt to reduce my wiki response times I set UseCache to 1 (ie enabled it) some time ago. I was today working on a patch WikiPatches/LinkJavaScript today and changing wiki.pl on the fly when a page got stuck in the cache.

It took me some time to figure out what was going on by the time I had tried different browsers, ensures that the browsers were set to check page every time, and that our proxy server was out of the loop (both by turning it off and trying to ignore local IP addresses). I also tried restarting and stopping and starting thr httpd server, and (I think - I tried a lot of things) rebooting the machine!

The rest of the wiki worked fine. Just this one page would not refresh until I changed my configuration file back to $UseCache=0, and thats the way it will stay I think.

Details of my configuration on my page -- SimonDavis

On reflection this isn't a bug. The content of the page had not changed, so the cache was just doing its thing. What I was changing was the HTML that made up the page. I'll have to remember to set $UseCache to 0 before I start fiddling next time, and change it back afterwards!
Why not create a small admin only action to force a flush of the cache? Call it once after you update the script to force all pages to be flushed out.

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