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WikiBugs related to TextFormatting

Why does UseModWiki have a link for ModWiki only? Please reply. Note: this is a serious question - this is not what happens on other wikis, including Ward's original.

Not a bug. This is not Ward's wiki, and it has different markup rules. Using four single quotes like UseModWiki may cause unwanted behavior. Use the nowiki tag if you want to avoid making a link. (Actually, the same "problem" can occur with text like abcModWiki - see below for more explanation.)

Specifically, the reason is that UseModWiki does not check for a "word break" before the beginning of an automatic wiki link. (This word-break (\b) check was added to the Meatball wiki, but it breaks subpage links like /TextFormatting, so I reverted the change for the next release.) I don't intend to change this behavior. --CliffordAdams

Two or more occurrences of Six'Quotes on a line has a problem SixQuotes Six'Quotes

One occurrence of SixQuotes has no problem

Not a bug. The SixQuotes behavior is not a supported markup feature. (Note that five quotes are used for text that is both emphasized (italic) and strong (bold).) Use the nowiki tag around a word to avoid creating a link (and also avoid creating empty/useless tags in the output). Edit this page to see examples of SixQuotes and the proper method of avoiding links. -- CliffordAdams

A feature related to headings

====We all know that to get a heading we need a trailing space after the first group of equal (=) signs, ====== but do we need the trailing group of equal signs?
well yes, but we only need one equal sign!
(viz ====== well yes, but we only need one equal sign! =)

This is "fixed" in the 2.0 parser. I may make it behave the same as 1.0 for the reasons Cliff mentions below. -- SunirShah

Additionally ====== the equals signs must be the first character on a line ====== or must they? -- yes they must

How about ===== Stuff follows the heading ===== right

Stuff follows the heading

Then how about ===== Stuff follows the heading ===== right = wrong?

Stuff follows the heading ===== right
wrong? -- note how the heading is terminated by the single equal sign rather than the matching 5 equals signs.

Hmmm... I'm tempted to consider the UseModWiki behavior a "quirk" rather than a bug, since it seems unlikely to cause problems in ordinary usage. One = sign is sufficient to end the header because it allows me to use one simple regular expression for all headers. (It is also tolerant of human failures in matching the number of = signs.) The reason the last = sign is used is because the regular expression is "greedy"--it looks for the longest possible match. (This was actually done on purpose to allow people to use = characters within a header--consider an article on physics that might have a header "E = MC**2".) --CliffordAdams

Why is there no way to make one line follow another without making it a separate paragraph and without making it part of a list? (What in HTML you'd do with a <br> tag.)
Although not a full solution use of the ":" colon for indent can help. See also WikiPatches/ForcedLineBreaks

I have just now (Jan 7, 2003) added code to allow <br> tags in wiki markup. It will be available in the NextRelease. --CliffordAdams

Also, is there any way to make nested lists of different types? For instance:

  1. Top level
  1. This should be numbered 2, but the numbering starts again at 1

In OtherWikis, you would use #* at the beginning of each subitem in this case, instead of **.

I don't know of any easy way to do what you want here. --CliffordAdams

The 2.0 parser allows for nested lists. -- SunirShah

Why do html tags seem to apply for a single line only? eg
 <i>This is a
 multiline paragraph</i>
<i>This is a multiline paragraph</i>

Because engine is parsing text line by line, so multiline paragraph should have italic tags on each line.

To clarify, the main reason for the single-line restriction is to limit the damage from markup mistakes. (In some other wikis, if a person forgot to close an italic tag near the beginning of the text, and had a closing italic tag near the end, the whole page could become italicized.) --CliffordAdams

If it's useful for you, you can use a trailing backslash to enter your raw text on multiple lines, as I've done with this sentence. -- LarryHorn?

Hey Larry, cool trick. Thanks for the heads up. --JoshCryer

The 2.0 parser adds the concept of a "paragraph", which is made up of lines, so style markup like italics and bold and the HTML tag pairs can cross newline boundaries. e.g.

   This is a paragraph with ''emphasis
   that continues'' on another line.

Would emit

 <p>This is a paragraph with <em>emphasis
 that continues</em> on another line.</p>

Style markup doesn't cross paragraph (actually block) boundaries, so the problem Cliff mentions doesn't occur. I made this change because people occasionally make this "mistake", and it didn't seem like a mistake to me. -- SunirShah

By the way, my patch [WikiPatches/ImprovedTextFormatting] fixes some bugs too. --TakuyaMurata

I noticed that when I turned on file uploading for this Wiki, it told me that I could create a link to the uploaded file using the following code:


however when I tried to link the file using the following code:

 [upload:CollegeAddress.csv College Addresses]

it appears as:

[upload:CollegeAddress?.csv College Addresses]

The wiki interprets the filename as a WikiName. This seems like odd behavior to me. I tried various different work arounds but wasn't able to find a solution.

It would be great if one could include anchors in links to local wiki pages. For example, if the text:
[Quotes#AParticularQuote this quote]
would actually link to the #AParticularQuote anchor on the Quotes page. Right now, I have to do, e.g.:
[http://myurl.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Quotes#AParticularQuote this quote]
which is a small hassle, but more importantly, would cease to work if I decided to change my URL, or upload a personal wiki (http://localhost...) onto a public website.

In 1.0 you can use the "LocalWiki:" syntax to link to pages on your local wiki. For example, you could write:

[LocalWiki:Quotes#AParticularQuote this quote]

... which is displayed as [this quote]. This isn't entirely what you wanted, but it will help if you move the wiki in the future. --CliffordAdams

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