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When creating a SubPage I have the HomePage-Link twice in the Header and Footer Navigation Bars, have a look at http://marcher.name/cgi-bin/wiki.cgi?HomePage/Software_Engineering to Reproduce this

The first one is the link to the home page of your wiki, the second one a link to the main page of the subpage. They are the same only on sub pages of the home page. If you are confused by this behaviour you could do the following change in the source code:

in sub GetGotoBar:

change line

    $bartext .= " | " . &GetPageLink($main);
    $bartext .= " | " . &GetPageLink($main) unless ($HomePage eq $main);

There may be other oddities with regard to subpages.


As we know, the first HomePage-Link is the Home, and the second HomePage-Link, in that scenario, is the parent page. In fact, it isn't a bug, it's a coincidence, imho. Maybe, only need a cosmetic solution, as that proposal. --JuanmaMP

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Last edited August 17, 2009 8:55 am by Juanmamp (diff)