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The much-anticipated $SlashLinks configuration setting does not work (as expected by most users). See comments at the bottom of the GlobalVariables pages.

Actually, the only thing $SlashLinks controls is whether "?" or "/" is used to generate page links. That alone, however, doesn't make wiki.pl actually interpret a link like .../wiki.pl/HomePage correctly.

WikiPatches/SlashLinks describes a fix.

The current 1.0 behavior is not buggy, but it is not a complete solution either. The lack of documentation makes this feature more confusing.

The SlashLinks setting is intended to be used together with server-side URL rewriting, like Apache's RewriteRules. (See WikiPatches/URLRewrite for an old patch with sample Apache rules.) I did not document this requirement, however, which led to confusion. If I have time, I will try to add more documentation for the 1.1 release (probably in January 2004). --CliffordAdams

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