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When I enable SlashLinks I won't be able to set my user name or admin privileges. I get user id 111 - a quick review of the code learned me that this indicates the absence of a cookie!

So I disabled SlashLinks again and now it works fine. How come? Will it be fixed?

Oh - and it might be useful to note that I applied the SlashLinks patch which makes them actually work :)

-- P Ramakers

have you read about SlashLinks?

No, I hadn't. Now I did, but it doesn't make me understand it. Because, I applied the patch that causes the wiki.pl/Topic? links work. So entering such addresses works and browsing using these links works as well. Without any rewrite rules! (I'm not even using Apache, btw) Now what I don't get is why the cookies won't work. -- Pramakers

Which web server do you use and what is your configuration there? Do any of the action links really work? -- MarkusLude

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