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Bug description

$HttpCharset setting is ignored during HTTP-redirects. It appears for user as being trowed to invalid page while saving nonenglish-named page.


Bug is not critical but very confusing for non-english users. Workaround found after digging through the code.

Prerequesties for reproduction

  1. Fresh UseModWiki setup (without content - you probably corrupt it due to $HttpCharset switching)
  2. Cyrillic-aware OS & browser (but one may try other charsets)

How to reproduce

$RedirectType=1;	# or 2


or How to omit:

Possible location of buggie code

	sub GetRedirectPage {

-- YarikK, 4 Oct 2004

Please be specific: do you have an example of the "cryptic stuff" that appears in the first and second URIs? Can the problem be reproduced on a wiki with a different HttpCharset, or one that is not set? -- ChuckAdams

Could someone reproduce this? I couldn't so far --MarkusLude

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