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Using the NotFoundPg? variable in config seems nice first, because accessing a nonexistent page leads to the page name one defines there, but soon a bug becomes apparent: every link to a new page which is generated by the script rather than the user leads to that page! This is particularly obvious when trying to generate a UserPage? by clicking on the UserName? shown in RecentChanges after the UserName? has been defined in Preferences. But it holds true for every link generated by the script one might introduce in a page.

This is in fact a special instance of a more general bug (though a rather cosmetic one): links to new pages generated by the script are not shown as usual by a question mark after the page name but appear as links to existent pages. It would be nice to see a consequent behavior here. -- DavidAndel

The NotFoundPg? setting was intended for read-only or read-mostly sites. Those sites might want something better than an error message or a confusing edit form to appear when non-wiki outsiders visit an undefined (or deleted) page.

The UserName? links interact badly with this feature. On the RecentChanges page all pages are presumed to exist rather than checking for each line. Checking the existence of UserName? pages for every line output creates an unacceptable load for high-volume sites. I don't intend to change this behavior. One workaround is for visitors to write their UserName?s in a guestbook or sandbox page. --CliffordAdams

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