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The New Field Separator $NewFS is Wrongly Treated

The new field separator is a 4 byte string. It should be treated as this sequence but often continues to appear in patterns as if it was still the original single byte string.

I found this when trying to understand some of the patterns used in the wiki script. The new field separator consists of 4 infrequently occuring characters. It does not seem to cause any problems though it probably will for someone.

The following 3 patterns need 'adjusting' (unless I've got this hopelessly wrong!)

$InterLinkPattern = "((?:$InterSitePattern:[^\\]\\s\"<>$FS]+)$QDelim)";
$UrlPattern = "((?:(?:$UrlProtocols):[^\\]\\s\"<>$FS]+)$QDelim)";
$UploadPattern = "upload:([^\\]\\s\"<>$FS]+)$QDelim";

Proposed fix: Replace [...$FS] by (?:[...]|$FS). --MichaelBuschbeck

This won't work, the character classes here are negated. -- MarkusLude

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Last edited August 9, 2007 10:40 pm by MarkusLude (diff)