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InterWiki links to graphics files result in links to the files rather than displaying them inline.

As a specific example, I have an uploads directory (using drall) on my family web site where people can share photographs, etc., and an InterWiki link to that directory.

Upload http://www.popkinhartel.com:8000/uploads/
I create a WikiWord Upload:cutekid.jpg on a web page, and I get a link named 'WikiWord Upload:cutekid.jpg' that links to the graphic. What I would expect would be that the graphic would be displayed inline.

To work around this, I can enter the entire URL (

) which displays properly. The problems are that (1) this is way more typing, and (2) I end up with the machine name and path embedded in every page, so if either of those changes I have to edit all over my Wiki. Simply editing the InterWiki file is, of course, much better.

I'd make the change myself, but I don't know Perl well, and the code is pretty contorted so I'd rather leave it to someone who's already wrapped their heads around it if I can.

I was about to reject this, but it turned out to be easier to implement the feature than document the reasons not to implement it. Links like the above should work in 1.0 (resulting in an inline image), presuming that the link ends with a recognized image extension. --CliffordAdams

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