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Fixed in 1.0.2 --MarkusLude

Images with uppercase extensions (i.e. blah.JPG and blah.GIF) are not inlined.

Suggested fix: change the image extensions pattern on line 320 from "(gif|jpg|png|bmp|jpeg)" to "(?i)(gif|jpg|png|bmp|jpeg)"

More likely I will change the whole pattern to be case-insensitive. Thanks for the report. --CliffordAdams

Which, of course, raises the idea of having the script itself part of the wiki so I can make the change myself! No need to reply to that - I know it wouldn't be workable.

See CommunityProgrammedWiki for one person's project to do exactly that. Less drastically, one could make the change using the new $EarlyRules variable (in the config file) which can add more wiki syntax without modifying the script. --CliffordAdams

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