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I have UseModWiki version 1.0 (September 12, 2003) and on line 121 have set $HtmlTags = 1;.

However when I put a <blockquote>...</blockquote> pair into a page it is not treated as I expect by wiki.pl. Investigating, I found that $HtmlTags appears to be false in CommonMarkup. At least the perl is taking the else branch at this point. This was verified by simply replacing the if ($HtmlTags) with if (1) which results in the blockquote working correctly.

Has anyone else run into this? It seems pretty fundamental, so maybe I'm overlooking something obvious?

Thanks, TerryJones

I can't reproduce this problem. If I set $HtmlTags to 1, it works for me. Do you use a config file and forgot to do your settings there? --MarkusLude

Hi Markus. I'm sure you're right in thinking that I am probably doing something simple (and wrong). To begin with, I don't know what a config file is. All I have is wiki.pl and I changed $HtmlTags to 1 and did not get the expected behavior. If I had a config file, where would it be? I'm simply talking to wiki.pl on a remote web server, so I can only imagine that, in terms of config, I have a cookie or the server is maintaining some state about me based on the name I set in the preferences. But neither of these makes sense to me. BTW, I'm new to UseModWiki though not to perl. Thanks.

The place of the config file is defined in $ConfigFile?. The settings in this file are used if $UseConfig is set to 1. Do you use $UseConfig? If yes, look in the file set in $ConfigFile?. This is normally in the directory where the wiki data is found and named config. Try to set there $HtmlTags to 1. --MarkusLude

OK, thanks Markus that was it. I moved my text in WikiBugs to the not a bug section. --TerryJones

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