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Sorry I dont know if these thins have any sort of format so I wll just go on from here

It would appear that the HTML generated by UseMod is inconsistant with the pure use of Stylesheets, what I mean is that the code is dirty, there are some elements that have inline CSS set on them which makes for problems when trying to implement a full CSS page.

If this could be cleared up in the new version that would be greate. Also including a good default Stylesheet would also be well recieved, I could provide one if need be, mine is a modified version of the one UBC is using.

DIV Usage

Upon implementing a Stylesheet in UseMod I was unable to control the edit page, the reason was that the <FORM> and <TEXTAREA> tags were not nested in a div. I tried to add one but my knowledge of PERL is limited.

more DIV inconsistencies

have a look at http://marcher.name/index.pl?Manifesto - DeadLink

I would expect a single <div>stuff here</div> tag around the whole page to format it, instead i have to wrap <div(s)> around every single paragraph. Feature or Bug?

[Martin Marcher]

Clean Up

I think the code generation needs to be cleaned up, all the formatting elements taken out of the inline html and moved to a CSS page that should be included. In addition perhaps the formatting of the code generated could be improved upon allowing it to be tabbed and breaklined accordingly :D

Please let me know if this is even read or if there any further questions.

UseMod has been the best wiki I have found so far because of its simplicity.


Could it be possible to read a theme or skin from use mod, this would make life alot easier for those of us who would like to leave the PERL part alone but skin the usemod accordingly.

[Rahim Virani]

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