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In UseMod 1.0, when one uses a style sheet, the link Edit text of this page in the footer is shown with the same attributes (style class) as an unknown wiki link (class wikipageedit). This seems to be wrong.

A small change in subroutine GetFooterText is needed to assign class to wikipagelink to this link to appear as a normal link.

-- TomGries 19.01.2004

The class simply is for links to edit pages. It may be better to distinguish between links to existing and nonexisting pages but I'm not sure. -- MarkusLude

I guess, it's an analogy with wanted pages, since they must also be edited. --JuanmaMP

sub GetFooterText {
  my ($id, $rev) = @_;
  my $result;

  if (&GetParam('embed', $EmbedWiki)) {
    return $q->end_html;
  $result = '<div class=wikifooter>';
  $result .= &GetFormStart();
  $result .= &GetGotoBar($id);
  if (&UserCanEdit($id, 0)) {
    if ($rev ne '') {
      $result .= &GetOldPageLink('edit',   $id, $rev,
                                 Ts('Edit revision %s of this page', $rev));
    } else {

 #TG 18.01.2004 class for Edit link changed from wikipadeedit to wikipagelink
 #      $result .= &GetEditLink($id, T('Edit text of this page'));
 $result .= &ScriptLinkClass("action=edit&id=$id", T('Edit text of this page'), 'wikipagelink');
  } else {
    $result .= T('This page is read-only');
  $result .= ' | ';
  $result .= &GetHistoryLink($id, T('View other revisions'));
  if ($rev ne '') {
    $result .= ' | ';
    $result .= &GetPageLinkText($id, T('View current revision'));

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