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fixed in 1.0.5

 sub DoBackLinks {
   my ($string) = @_;

   print &GetHeader('', &QuoteHtml(Ts('Backlinks for: %s', $string)), '');
-  print '<br>';

Hi Juanma, as far as I understand it you don't want the extra space there. Other actions seems to show the same. We need to remove the tag there too. This seems the case in DoHistory(), DoUpdatePrefs?(), DoIndex?(), DoSearch?(), DoMaintain?(), DoMaintainRc?(). Then there is DoLinks(), which uses a lot more extra space there. -- MarkusLude

Yes, indeed it's also true in all these subroutines while there are other wikibody-responses without BR. I dont like the extra spaces but anyway I suggest imho choose one of two situations. Later and thanks. --JuanmaMP

I removed it in those functions. In DoLinks() I'll keep the \n for now. -- MarkusLude

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Last edited August 23, 2009 11:30 pm by MarkusLude (diff)