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I am using usemod_wiki.pl with thttpd server. I get an error when I try to save the changes of any wiki page. When I press Save button, in the cominucation between the server and the CGI, the server thinks that an error has ocurred, and give back a "500 error". However, the changes are saved when I reload the main page of my wiki. The wiki works perfectly with apache 1.3.x and the 4.1.x series of Netscape (iplanet).

Any clue about this weird behaviour?

Where can I put a "printf" to catch the answer from the CGI to the server? --Antonio

Suggestion: Rename this page to "WikiBugs/EditingWithThtppd", as "Error" is too generic term. Also, my guess is that the error occurs when the wiki tries to send a redirect HTTP response. You should check to see if this works first. -- UngarPeter
I've renamed the page, thanks. However, I don't understand you very well, can you explain me something about that redirect HTTP response? --Antonio

Learn about the HTTP result codes (e.g. at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_HTTP_status_codes). usemod usually displays pages with 200 (OK) status but occasionally uses redirect (302 MOVED). This happens when a page is a #REDIRECT page or after editing a page. One thing to try is setting the $RedirType variable to 2 or 3. -- UngarPeter

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