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Not (apparently) a bug.

The diff links require the system to have a "diff" program available. The "diff" program is standard on Unix-derived systems, but is usually not installed on MS-Windows systems. Fortunately diff programs for Windows are available--see UseModWiki/DiffForWindows for more information. --CliffordAdams

No, diff is on board and in the path. Should work :-[

You might want to try changing the line in the script which reads:
$ENV{PATH}   = "/usr/bin/";     # Path used to find "diff"

...to point to your diff program. (Another possibility is to delete this line, presuming that the diff program is in your path.) Make sure you change this in both your script and the config file (if you use one), just to be certain. --CliffordAdams

That's it. Disable $ENV{PATH} and it works. Thanks. $ENV{PATH} was set to the diff location "c:/batxtra". Yes it's in the path already. Hmm. :-)

I have both ActiveState? Perl and Cygwin Perl on my box. I had to do this:

    $ENV{PATH} = "c:/perl/bin;c:/local/cygwin/bin/"

to have the correct Perl used while still being able to use the Cygwin diff program.

The EditConflict fix doesn't seem to work either.
 * Actions: Patched the script; edited same page in two windows and saved. No conflict warning.

The EditConflict code will only be triggered if two different user-IDs or two different IP addresses edit the same page. This is why the EditConflict page says to use two different browsers (like MSIE and Netscape/Mozilla?) to test the conflict. If you used two windows of the same browser, they would share the same cookie (and the same IP address of course), so you won't see a conflict. --CliffordAdams

Sorry. Read too fast and missed the '..different IP/browser' part. This is the successful output:

 -- Inserted Error Message --

Edit Conflict!

Someone saved this page after you started editing. The top textbox contains the saved text. Only the text in the top textbox will be saved.

Scroll down to see your edited text.

Last save time: February 18, 2004 11:22 pm (Current time is: February 18, 2004 11:22 pm) [plus text boxes]

 -- Inserted Error Message End --

Thanks again ;-)

You're welcome. :-)

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